About Us

Celestia Rodriguez

Celestia (“Celeste”) Rodriguez is the strategic and hands-on consummate cannabis industry professional. With expertise in implementing policies and procedures, diversion, budget P&L Management, employee coaching and development.

She has been in the legal cannabis industry for a decade. Provides operational oversight to small and large diverse teams to ensure adherence to federal and state regulations, company policy’s and best practices. Adept in sourcing, securing and promoting products to new and existing markets. Keen sense of organization, customer engagement and people management skills.

Blake Imani Humphrey

As a cannabis professional holding various management positions in addition to establishing companies of her own within the past 8 years, Blake Imani Humphrey has developed industry-specific operational and leadership skills, while being directly involved in implementing purchasing processes, streamlining patient procedures for acquiring medical card licensing, retail staffing, payroll, storage and security protocols, but most importantly, patient education and community outreach.

Within her positions, she has been given the opportunity to become familiar with the cultivation and wholesale processing components of the industry. While working with various companies including establishing her own direct marketing cannabis company and 420 friendly Air BnB company, Blake is responsible for most segments of the daily operation, while focusing on patient eduction and outreach. Those collective experiences have enabled her to excel in successfully operating in many industry-related sectors.

Shakirah Martinez

Shakirah-Joy Martinez has called Arizona home for over 18 years. Having graduated from high school at 16, Shakirah studied, and eventually graduated from the American University of Paris France with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business.

Shakirah has been involved in the legal cannabis industry in Arizona since its inception in 2011. Her breadth of experience ranges from retail operations to management of one of the first gournet edible companies in the state. As a native of Chicago, she is also a member of several social equity applications in the Illinois market.

Since graduating from college, Shakirah has developed an expertise in public relations and marketing. As a principal in Acre 41, that expertise will prove invaluable in developing socially conscious marketing plans for social equity licenseholders.

Zsa Zsa Simone

Cannabis Entrepreneur, Advocate, Educator Veteran, 420 friendly Realtor, World Traveler, Author, Industry Professional

Zsa Zsa Simone-Brown covers it all. A native of New York, Zsa Zsa relocated to Arizona more than 10 years ago. She has been a familiar face in the Arizona cannabis industry for years, often volunteering with organizations such as Women Grow and the Marijuana Industry Trade Association (Mita-AZ). Currently the owner of ‘It’s WEED Related’, a cannabis lifestyle brand providing resources and events that promote a holistic approach to wellness through education, empowerment and nutrition, Zsa Zsa continues her entrepreneurial endeavors in the cannabis space.

As an invaluable principal of Acre 41, Zsa Zsa has joined her fellow Black female industry professionals who remain committed to ensuring that there is social justice and true social equity in the legal Arizona cannabis marketplace. Zsa Zsa served as the Secretary of Southern Arizona Norml in 2019, and now serves as Deputy Director of the organization. Norml is a 501(c)4 that has been pivotal over the decades in the progression of cannabis legalization.. In collaboration with Norml, Zsa Zsa is now focused on hosting several expungement fairs in Tucson, particularly directed towards people of color.

Zsa Zsa has been a vocal advocate promoting increased minority business participation. Through life experience, formal education and enduring commitment, Zsa Zsa Simone-Brown has definitely “earned her stripes” in the legal cannabis industry.